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The following call is for an artist or designer and is presented by Espiritu Loci Incorporated  (“Ownership Team”) with support provided by Artlink Inc. The Ownership Team is interested in working with an artist or artist team to design a sign that states “Welcome to Roosevelt Row” which will be located on the corner of 7th and Roosevelt Streets in downtown Phoenix. The deadline to submit is Tuesday, August 3, 2021 by 5:00 p.m. (local Arizona time).

Project: “Welcome to Roosevelt Row” sign design

Address: 950 N. 7th Street, Phoenix AZ 85004

Request: This Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is for an artist or designer to create the design for a “Welcome to Roosevelt Row” sign that will measure approximately 33 feet wide by 4' 10" tall with accents up to 8' 2" tall. This sign will be positioned in front of, and incorporated into, a prominent mural on the southwest corner of 7th and Roosevelt Streets. All Arizona artists, designers, creative individuals and teams are encouraged to apply.

Budget: A design fee of $5,000


Downtown Phoenix has undergone a great deal of growth over the past few decades and is expected to see even more expansion in the years ahead. Arizona Public Service (APS) is planning to power the continued growth of the downtown area and recently completed an extensive community engagement process that occurred over a two year period focused on selecting and designing a one-acre property for a new substation in the downtown area. APS engaged Arizona Strategies and Espiritu Loci Incorporated (ELI) to design the engagement experience with a site selection process. APS staff were active members of the team along with Arizona Strategies and ELI.

Based on resident feedback, the property located at 950 N. 7th Street was identified as the ideal site. Working in partnership with the community, a commitment has been made to create art and design elements what will wrap around the exterior of the substation which spans a full city block. This effort will not only create an integrated development project that minimizes the visual impact of the proposed utility elements, but it also aims to present a dynamic art installation of engaging, eclectic, colorful, vibrant and rogue elements on a prominent and welcoming corner of Roosevelt Row Arts District in the Evans Churchill Neighborhood.


Project Description:  This is an RFQ for the “Welcome to Roosevelt Row” sign which will be an important part of celebrating this nationally renowned arts district and all it has to offer, including music, dance, painting, performance and more.

The artist/designer selected from this call will create a dynamic new design for a sign that will be installed on the new Substation that is prominently located at the entrance of one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in the metro Phoenix area. View the rendering of the wall here

Project Conditions: The sign will be designed by an artist/designer, but the actual production will be handled by Bleier Industries. The aim of the sign and the installation is to add character, interest and beauty to a streetscape that will be complemented with additional murals, sculptures, metal work designs and other prominent architectural features.


Artists/designers should submit a wide variety of designs from already existing portfolio pieces. The expectation of this call is that all of the designs that are submitted are not created in response to this call but that they demonstrate the requisite craft, originality and dynamism that a major sign project and an exciting landmark in the city would require. Artists/Designers who have not completed major sign projects are welcome to submit anything from their design portfolio that may fit the requirements of this project. 

Eligibility: This opportunity is open to artists and designers living and working in Maricopa County with the ability to produce exemplary and effective designs for the new “Welcome to Roosevelt Row” sign, which will be a symbol of pride for the Roosevelt Row Arts District. Knowledge of structural engineering and fabrication techniques are not required to apply.

Finalist Honoraria: Up to three artists/designers from the applicant pool resulting from this call will be selected to propose a concept for the new “Welcome to Roosevelt Row” sign. They will each be paid $250 for their proposals.

Criteria: Selection of the initial finalists will be based upon the inspiration, clarity and dynamism of their past works as well as the potential to make a significant artistic contribution to this project. Individual artists and designers are invited to apply to this call. Recommendation of the winning design will be based upon:

  • The strength and feasibility of the proposed concept.
  • A creative and original approach to making the new Welcome to Roosevelt Row sign.
  • The design's potential to engage the community of Roosevelt Row in a meaningful way.
  • The sign should be engaging for vehicle and pedestrian traffic at the intersection.

Project Budget:

There is no additional out of pocket expenses expected from the finalist beyond materials to draw/create/design their concept.

Three selected artists/designers will be chosen from the three finalist submissions to make a design concept for the sign. Out of these three artists/designers only one will be contracted with ownership for the $5,000 award to produce the final concept.

The selected artist/designer will be expected to work with the fabrication team to see their vision for the sign brought to reality. This includes providing final dimensions and additional input about selecting materials, preferred paint finishes and all specifications necessary to build the sign. The final design must be provided in an Indesign vector file format.

The artist/designer is not responsible for any additional costs beyond the design. All fabrication fees to complete the work, and the cost of insurance, transportation, project coordination and installation are covered by the fabrication team.

Timeline (subject to change):

Submissions Due: August 3, 2021

Artists/Designers Notified & Finalists Workshop: Week of August 9, 2021

Finalists Concept/Design Presentations: Week of August 23, 2021

Estimated Project Completion: April 2022

Submission Requirements:

Please make sure you follow ALL guidelines and complete the entire submission form, as we will not accept your submission if it is incomplete or submitted in non-requested formats.

  • A current resume. No more than 2 pages.
  • A one-page letter of interest that includes a description of your connection with the Roosevelt Row Arts District. No more than 250 words.
  • A portfolio of up to ten (10) digital images at a minimum of 72 dpi which includes details and documents of previously completed creative works of any kind that demonstrate originality and skill in creating and executing design ideas completed in the past five years.
  • A list of descriptions of all of the pieces submitted in your portfolio with the title, year of completion, medium, size, location and a brief description of the artwork.
  • Email and phone contacts for three professional references. These references will be called only if you are a finalist.

If selected for the project, the “Welcome to Roosevelt Row” sign design will requirement the artist or designer to take into account the following: 

  1. The sign will be wall mounted – it can be flush, stand-off, be painted on the wall, or melted into the wall on top of the mural.
  2. The sign will be mounted on a curved wall that is 35’-8” long wall. For this project 33’3” is the recommended maximum for the length of the sign.
  3. The wall behind the sign will have a mural on it where the sign sits on top of the lower portion of the mural.
  4. There will be landscaping features planted at the base of the sign in a raised planting bed. It is recommended that the signage be mounted 2’-3” above the soil in the planting bed.
  5. The location is one that can expect a high level of vandalism and heavy use, so the sign should be built of nearly indestructible materials / techniques.
  6. The design of the sign should discourage vandalism (i.e. there should be no removable parts and the design should limit the desire to steal any element of the sign).
  7. The design of the sign shall use materials and techniques that are easily replicable so that maintenance in the form of replacement may be done by typical industry standards and fabricators. Design of the sign shall be provided to Bleier Industries in Indesign vector file format.  
  8. The sign design and materials must be documented in shop drawings (by Bleier Industries).
  9. The sign will be externally illuminated with lighting from shepherds crooks at the top of the wall.
  10. The design of the sign should require as little maintenance as possible, if any.
  11. Bleier Industries is the selected fabricator. No other fabricator will be used.
  12. The sign must be installed by Bleier Industries before Summer 2022.
  13. The total budget for materials, fabrication and installation shall not exceed 50K.

All of the artwork in this project will be for display in the public realm. The copyright for the design of the sign and its realization shall be held by Ownership to provide for photography of the sign/design for use in publications, social media and other promotional materials to be determined by Ownership.

The posting and re-posting of the artwork in social media, and by individuals for personal use will be allowed and encouraged. The artist name will not appear on the sign itself, but all reasonable effort will be made to credit the artist in promotions and when communicating with media.

Every submission is appreciated and will be seriously considered.

Artists will be notified by email. Please do not call for results.

Email with any questions to

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