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Artlink works to connect artists of all disciplines, arts venues, arts supporting businesses and advocates in an effort to strengthen and promote the arts community and economy. You are the most important part of this process. Thank you for your continued engagement and contributions to Arizona's growing creative culture.

- Artlink

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The following call for artists of all practices is presented by Artlink Inc. in partnership with the Artlink Artist Council (AAC). Selected artists will be invited to participate in the 9th Annual Art d’Core Gala exhibition which will showcase the works of professional artists who currently reside in Arizona during Art Detour 34. The deadline to submit is Wednesday, December 8, 2021, by 5:00 p.m. (local  Arizona time).

Artlink is hosting its 9th annual Art d’Core Gala on March 11, 2022 at Park Central (3121 N. 3rd Ave) in Phoenix to raise funds for programs that support Arizona’s arts and culture community. Art d’Core is the signature event in the lineup for the 34th annual Art Detour, Phoenix’s original art walk event. Art Detour, which spans the entire month of March 2022, is an all-inclusive celebration of art, creativity and culture that features events and exhibitions throughout the state.

The gala returns with a Forces of Attraction theme that invites those who contribute to and support the arts – including artists, collectors, philanthropists and community partners – to come together in celebration of the massive growth of Arizona’s art community in recent years.

This creative spin on a traditional gala shines the spotlight on Arizona’s creative communities with an artist showcase produced by members of the Artlink Artist Council and invited artists selected through this call. Gala guests will experience a wide range of works in a debut exhibition of visual, performing, fashion and culinary arts. The evening culminates in a toast to the arts community and to all of the people who enrich the cultural landscape in our great state.

Schedule: The schedule for this exhibition as a showcase venue of Art Detour 34 features a series of significant arts and culture events:

  • Friday, March 11, 2022 Art d’Core Gala
  • Saturday, March 19, 2022: On Central Fashion & Art
  • More to be announced


Through a rigorous selection process the 16-member Artlink Artist Council (AAC) will chose the same number of artists as members that sit on the council. Each selected artist will be paired with a member of the council to help inspire a conversation between working methods, materials and the best way to present the works to the public. Artists will be encouraged to collaborate with AAC in the creation of a new work or works to debut at this showcase event.

This process is meant to foster a dynamic interplay between thematic and formal arrangements throughout the main exhibition hall, making this year’s Art d’Core Gala one to truly remember. 

Being accepted in the Art d’Core Gala exhibition is not only a great chance to exhibit your works at one of most well-attended art events in the state, but it also offers the unique opportunity to glean some of the insights offered by a select member of the AAC about the process of exhibiting and the kinds of ideas that have helped them to build, sustain and grow an arts career in Arizona. This new aspect of exhibitors being partnered with an AAC member is meant to encourage stronger ties among the art community and to support working relations that grow and endure throughout the state in the years to come.  


Artists who work in a variety of mediums are welcome to submit to this call. These include oil, watercolor, acrylic, graphite, charcoal, pastels, photography, ceramics, printmaking, textile, mixed media, new genres, performance, video, sculpture/three dimensional pieces and fashion design. Artists will be encouraged to create new work to debut at this exhibition event. 

The online submission deadline is December 8, 2021, by 5 p.m. (Arizona time).   

NOTE: By submitting to this call, the artist agrees to the following:  

Submissions will be reviewed by the AAC. The artist agrees to be "paired" with a member of the AAC, and to conduct productive communications in an effort to plan an exceptional exhibition.  

The artist agrees that they will deliver their artwork to Artlink at Park Central for installation during a timeline beginning March 1 (specific dates/details TBA).

Submission Checklist:

Please follow ALL guidelines and complete the entire submission form. Submissions that are either incomplete or do not follow provided guidelines will not be accepted.

  1. All artists must be registered as an Artlink Articipant to be considered for this opportunity. If you are not a registered Artlink Articipant, click here to register.
  2. You may submit up to 5 artwork images in .jpg format with a minimum 72 dpi per image. Please see the submission form for details.
  3. The artist agrees that they will deliver an artwork to Park Central at 3121 N 3rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85013 for installation during a timeline beginning March 1, 2022. Dates/Times to be announced.
  4. Exhibited visual artwork will be for sale. All sales will be handled by Artlink. In the event of a sale Artlink will retain a 30% commission.
  5. Artists will be notified by email. Please do not call for results.
  6. Artlink Inc., Park Central ownership and event sponsors are not liable for any damage or theft that may occur to any person or property. Artists will be asked to sign a waiver and may insure their own artwork, as desired.
  7. Artist agrees to pick-up selected works from Park Central following Art Detour 34, in early April 2022. Date to be announced.

Submission Timeline:*

  • Submission deadline: Wednesday, December 8, 2021, 5:00 p.m. (local Arizona time)
  • Artists notified: by Friday, December 17, 2021
  • Delivery of artwork: Beginning March 1, 2022 (Dates/Times TBA)
  • Pick-up of artwork: Early April 2021 (date TBA)

*Timeline subject to change

Email any questions to


The AAC is composed of professional artists  who represent the diverse cultural identity of our state and contribute  significant time/energy to Artlink and/or partner initiatives that  strive to elevate the profile of Arizona’s creative community:

Kenaim Al-Shatti, Joan Baron, Laura Spalding Best, Diana Calderon, Ruby Farias, Magda Gluszek, Liliana Gomez, Abbey Messmer, Douglas Miles, Nicole Lyn Olson, Rembrandt Quiballo, Patricia Sannit, Katharine Leigh Simpson, Marilyn Szabo, Tricee Thomas

The following call is for an artist, designer, creative individual, or any team thereof to create 1 of 8 murals on the Evans Churchill North Substation presented by Espiritu Loci Incorporated (“Ownership Team”) with support provided by Artlink Inc. All 8 of the proposed murals will be located on the public facing walls of a utility substation located on Roosevelt St. between 6th and 7th Streets in downtown Phoenix. The deadline to submit is December 14, 2021 by 5:00 p.m. (local AZ time).

Project: Evans Churchill North Substation Murals RFQ

Address: 950 N. 7th Street, Phoenix AZ 85004

Request: This is a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to produce one of eight murals, of varying size, dimension, orientation and style. Arizona artists, designers, creative individuals and artistic teams with a connection to Roosevelt Row Arts District and/or Evans Churchill Neighborhood are encouraged to apply.

Budget: Fees range from $10,000 to $50,000 per mural.

Selection: By submitting to this call, an artist is agreeing to a selection by a selection panel composed of members representing the Roosevelt Row Arts District and Evans Churchill Neighborhood. The selection panel reserves the right to curate a range of artistic styles and designate any one of the 8 walls for a selected artist based on the stated criteria below. An artist submitting to this call agrees to produce a mural concept based on the spirit described in the call's project description (below), and to the specs of the wall designed by the selection panel. 


Downtown Phoenix has undergone a great deal of growth over the past few decades and is expected to see even more expansion in the years ahead. Arizona Public Service (APS) is planning to power the continued growth of the downtown area and recently completed an extensive community engagement process that occurred over a four-year period focused on selecting and designing a one-acre property for a new substation in the downtown area. APS hired Arizona Strategies as a consultant, with Espiritu Loci Incorporated (ELI) as a subconsultant, to design the engagement with site selection process. APS staff were active members of the team along with Arizona Strategies and ELI.

Based on resident feedback, the property located at 950 N. 7th Street was identified as the ideal site. Working in partnership with the community, a commitment has been made to create murals that wrap around the exterior of the substation, alongside metal work, sculpture and creative signage and wayfinding. 

The artists selected via this RFQ will not only help create an integrated development project that minimizes the visual impact of the proposed utility elements, but also contribute to a significant public art project that will welcome the world to one of the renowned artistic neighborhood.


Project Description: The project, located on a prominent corner of Roosevelt Row in the Evans Churchill Neighborhood, is positioned as a dynamic intersection of major arterial streets and as a reflection of a city's culture. 

The overarching goal of the project is to celebrate the arts and vitality of the Roosevelt Row Arts District and the Evans Churchill Neighborhood, along with the artist community's contribution to the unique spirit of the area.

The primary criteria considerations will be the applicant's existing portfolio and the personal connection to the Roosevelt Row Arts District and/or Evans Churchill Neighborhood. 

In summary, each of the artists selected from this call will create 1 of 8 murals that will collectively serve as both a celebration and story of a creative community.

View the renderings here.

Project Conditions: Each of the 8 murals will be designed by a separate artist, designer, creative individual or any team thereof. The aim of these 8 murals is to add character, actively/meaningfully engage visitors and those passing by, and interest and beauty to a streetscape that sits at the heart of one of the most well-known artist districts in the US. 


Artists, designers, creative individuals and artistic teams should submit existing portfolio pieces. The expectation of this call is that all of the images that are submitted of previous work are not created in response to this call but that they demonstrate the requisite craft, originality and dynamism that a major mural project and an exciting landmark in the city would require.

Eligibility: This opportunity is open to artists, designers, creative individuals and artist teams living and working in Arizona with the ability to produce exemplary murals for this project, which will be a symbol of pride for the Roosevelt Row Arts District, the Evans Churchill Neighborhood, and the Phoenix community as a whole. Submitting artists must have a connection with, and be able to speak to, this artistic area of Phoenix and have the desire to reflect a celebration and expression of the area's creative arts and vitality in the mural's content.

Honoraria: Eight artists, designers, creative individuals and/or artist teams from the applicant pool resulting from this RFQ will be selected to propose a concept for one designated mural. They will each be paid $500 for their proposals. Additional alternates may also be selected.

Criteria: Selection of the artists will be based upon the strength and dynamism of their past works as well as their potential to make a significant artistic contribution to this project through their artwork and their personal connection to the area. 

The selected artists will be based upon:

  • The strength of the submitted portfolio.
  • The applicant's stated connection to the Roosevelt Row Arts District and/or Evans Churchill Neighborhood.
  • The applicant's desire to execute a creative and original approach to making this a landmark project that engages the community in a creative and meaningful way
  • The potential of the applicant's artistic style to complement and add value to the collective celebration and story expressed by this project, alongside other multi-media works of metal sculpture, graphic design and architecture.
  • The ability to produce highly photographic work that appeals to, and invites, residents and tourists to explore Roosevelt Row Arts District, the Evans Churchill Neighborhood and Downtown Phoenix.
  • The ability to (appropriately) engage passersby via vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Project Budget:

Selected artists, designers, creative individuals, and/or artistic teams that submit, will be chosen to make a design concept for one of the mural spaces. Only 8 artists will be contracted by ownership to produce the proposed mural designs.

The finalists will be expected to create the work on site. They will be assigned the space that the selection panel feels best suits their style and vision, and within the context of the other selected artists. Applying for this calls means that you are open to creating a mural for any of the 8 walls that are designated for this project.

The selected artist will be responsible for costs including the design, materials and insurance. All fabrication fees to complete the work, and the cost of insurance, transportation, project coordination and installation are covered by the artist.

Timeline (subject to change):

  • Pre-submittal Session (via Zoom): December 7, 2021, at 6 p.m. (register here)
  • Submissions Due: December 14, 2021
  • Finalists Concept/Design Presentations: Week of December 27, 2021
  • Mural Installations Begin: early January/mid-January, 2022; completion by mid-January/February 2022 (dates vary by mural wall)

Submission Requirements:

Please make sure you follow ALL guidelines and complete the entire submission form, as we will not accept your submission if it is incomplete or submitted in non-requested formats.

  • A current resume. No more than 2 pages.
  • A one-page letter of interest that includes a description of your connection with the Roosevelt Row Arts District and/or Evans Churchill Neighborhood. No more than 500 words.
  • A portfolio of up to ten (10) digital images at a minimum of 72 dpi which includes details and documents of previously completed creative works of any kind that demonstrate originality and skill in creating and executing design ideas completed in the past five years. Additional detail images are optional.
  • A list of descriptions of all of the pieces submitted in your portfolio with the title, year of completion, medium, size, location and a brief description of the artwork.
  • Email and phone contacts for three professional references. These references will be called only if you are a finalist.

If selected for the project, the artist will be required to take into account the following: 

All of the artwork in this project will be for display in the public realm. The copyright for the artwork will be held by the artist. In  an attempt to make this new place a landmark for the community,  integrated into the elements of their daily life, the artist will  license the artwork to the  public. This will allow for non-full size reproductions of the mural  images for use by the public (including the artist) in a wide variety of  forms including in social media, publications, merchandise, marketing  and other promotional materials. This will allow  the iconic setting to become part of daily life in the fabric of the  community.

The posting and re-posting of the artwork in social media, and by individuals for personal use will be allowed and encouraged. The space for the artist signature will vary by designated wall.

Selected artists will participate in community engagement activities to promote their participation in, and personal connection to, the storytelling aspect of the project. 

All reasonable effort will be made to credit the artist in promotions and when communicating with media.

Every submission is appreciated and will be seriously considered.

Artists will be notified by email. Please do not call for results.

Email with any questions to

NOTE: Submissions are received through this Submittable platform. Please create an account or sign in below.

Artlink Inc.